‚ÄčEst. 1975

Marilyn J. Nowak First Day Covers

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Marilyn J. Nowak has been in business since 1975 serving national and international customers.

We are the premier private servicer of Panda New Issue and Blank Serviced Covers in the world. Joining the ASDA, after attending a LaGuardia stamp show, we began selling first day covers at New York City area stamp shows and mail order services. We are currently members of APS, AFDCS and Cachet Makers Association.

Our inventory includes ArtCraft, Colorando Silk, Therome, Doris Gold, Mary Kay Fisher hand painted, Geerling hand painted, Graebner, Panda, S&T, Gassen and BGC Legacy. Beginning in 1982, we also began managing the Bay Side Stamp show, which is continuing to current day.